How did our species ever survive without rock’n’roll?

March 5, 2009

Parents lie to teenage children. They can’t help it. To protect and manipulate.

Rock’n’roll is youth taking the repressed pain and anger of the old, the powerful old and the not powerful old, their parents, and exploding dynamite underneath it. Tear down walls built of calcified lies and shame and fear – and go nuts! That’s rock’n’roll for me at its purest.

Hush, hush, let’s just chat about the weather while you shun your children, while you conduct a family war, while you die of grief and loneliness and drink. Let’s not talk about our failures of love, the terror, the loneliness, our shame. Family ties and family truths. Let’s not really look at each other, (talk about beauty and the beast) reach out, cry or scream. God forbid. More important to guard, repress, ignore, deceive, blame, and run the clean laundry out on the line for the neighbours to see. As if everyone didn’t have their dirty laundry. As if. I’m going to lose my mind, pull my hair out and scream – no, I’m going to play Nirvana.

How did our species ever survive without rock’n’roll?