The Mercy Journals

November 29, 2015

To be released April 1 in Canada and May 10 in the U.S. Buy from publisher's catalogue page here.

"From the opening paragraph, I dove into the deep end of a dystopian world that was terrifying, familiar and thrilling, and made me keep reading until the shocking end. The novel focuses on family and survival and love and humans' nature; hunger, passion, possession, and murder. It's a masterpiece." - Jamie Lee Curtis

"The Mercy Journals is a book of extraordinary vision. Part Lord of the Flies, part Romeo Dallaire's Shake Hands With the Devil, I cam out of this book deeply touched by the characters who moved through it, but also more alert. There's a sense of the prescient in this novel - of where we could end up if we're not careful." - Aislinn Hunter, author of The World Before Us

"I admire tremendously how The Mercy Journals takes current concerns - global warming, PTSD, anti-immigration policies, war - and weaves them seamlessly into a gripping and mysterious plot set in a future world that, like any excellent sci fi, is really about today." - John Colapinto, staff writer at The New Yorker

"Not since Margaret Atwood's Snowman have we met such a desperate and compelling hero as Allen Quincy, doing his best to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Claudia Casper takes us into a chillingly believable landscape where love still clicks in on red high heels and brothers still engage in conflict of biblical proportions." - Merilyn Simonds, author of The Convict Lover

"Casper's wry lament for the world is utterly unforgettable. She creates a slow apocalypse and finds real human voices and aching in the collapse and rebirth of society." - Emily Schultz, author of The Blondes