Publisher's Weekly Review - The Mercy Journals

March 25, 2016

Another very good early review. I like the way the reviewer described the book (except the last 3 words, but who's to say?)

Money quote: "Part cautionary tale, part survival narrative...Casper employs clear, concise prose that moves at a steady clip, and the exploration, through one man's account, of what it means to outlive one's purpose is tightly constructed."


New Novel Coming Out

February 10, 2016

I am excited to announce the upcoming publication (April, 2016 in Canada, May 2016 in the US) of my new novel, The Mercy Journals, published by Arsenal Pulp Press. I spent eight years, five or six days a week, working to make this novel a lean, mean, fighting machine. It's a novel for right now, a time I believe is a pivotal watershed in human history and human evolution. Here's a link to the publisher's catalogue page: . And did I mention how much I LOVE the cover?

The Mercy Journals

November 29, 2015

To be released April 1 in Canada and May 10 in the U.S. Buy from publisher's catalogue page here.

"From the opening paragraph, I dove into the deep end of a dystopian world that was terrifying, familiar and thrilling, and made me keep reading until the shocking end. The novel focuses on family and survival and love and humans' nature; hunger, passion, possession, and murder. It's a masterpiece." - Jamie Lee Curtis

Search for the Desired Ending

November 21, 2014


It's strange being a writer sometimes - well, strange a lot of the time. The borders between reality and words become as porous as I believe they are for philosophers. When in life I'm not getting the ending I want, I mean seriously not getting the ending I want, the impulse to rewrite and rewrite until I find the right ending is irrepressible, nightmarish.

True Detective - Watch Like A Man

March 6, 2014

HBO’s True Detective is the most exciting program on television right now. The spare elegance and sly existential humour of writer Nic Pizzolatto’s dialogue grabs the breath in your throat and arrests it mid-craw. And the structural complexity of the two-tiered timeline Pizzolatto uses to feed information to the audience, like a multi-hooked fishing line, not only gets your complete attention, but laser-hones your focus onto the story's every nuance.

The Host

November 24, 2013


Betsy Warland read the following piece aloud at a literary dinner I attended recently. The room was struck dumb, a heretofore impossible achievement among this group of turbo-engaging writers. Writing has variously been described as an act of control and a letting go of the self, but I have never encountered Betsy's invocation of writing as an extreme act of submission. The truth of her piece caused a reality shift inside me. Here it is:

from The Memoir Project 2013
by Betsy Warland