New Novel Coming Out

February 10, 2016

I am excited to announce the upcoming publication (April, 2016 in Canada, May 2016 in the US) of my new novel, The Mercy Journals, published by Arsenal Pulp Press. I spent eight years, five or six days a week, working to make this novel a lean, mean, fighting machine. It's a novel for right now, a time I believe is a pivotal watershed in human history and human evolution. Here's a link to the publisher's catalogue page: . And did I mention how much I LOVE the cover?


“From the opening paragraph, I dove into the deep end of a dystopian world that was terrifying, familiar, and thrilling, and made me keep reading until the shocking end. The novel focuses on family and survival and love and humans’ nature; hunger, passion, possession, and murder. It’s a masterpiece.”

—Jamie Lee Curtis

“Claudia Casper's The Mercy Journals is a book of extraordinary vision. Part Lord of the Flies, part Romeo Dallaire's Shake Hands with the Devil, I came out of this book deeply touched by the characters who moved through it, but also more alert. There's a sense of the prescient in this novel -- of where we could end up if we're not careful. Great books make you ask questions about what you've learned between their covers and The Mercy Journals does just that. Taut, literary and compelling, this is a book that is, on one level, about a man trying to tell his story when there are no words for it; when the ways in which we tell stories are changing — though it's also about all of us: a book about humanity, accountability and justice, and where, in a world in peril, we might find forgiveness and hope.”

—Aislinn Hunter, author of The World Before Us

“Not since Margaret Atwood's Snowman in Oryx and Crake have we met such a desperate and compelling hero as Allen Quincy, doing his best to survive in a post- apocalyptic world. With spare, driven prose and sharp humour, Claudia Casper takes us into a chillingly believable landscape where love still clicks in on red high heels and brothers still engage in conflict of biblical proportions. “

—Merilyn Simonds, author of The Convict Lover 


"Not since Margaret Atwood's Snowman have we met such a desperate and compelling hero as Allen Quincy, doing his best to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. " - Merilyn Simonds