Let's Go To Your Place

June 4, 2013

Driving up to Hornby Island, British Columbia past uniform forests created by the forest industries on the rolling hills of the east coast of Vancouver Island alone with the dog. My oldest son, Henry, was in Florida amid the angst of starting a professional golf career while plagued by yet another injury, my youngest son, George, was having hellafun at the Sasquatch music festival, and my husband, James, was cycling diagonally across France with long-time comrades.

Writing Is Like Prospecting - For My Friend Nadine Schuurman

March 2, 2013

During an interview on CBC radio a geologist expressed that the hardest part of prospecting was maintaining the belief that what you were looking for was out there to be found. In the sleet and mud and cold, out on a limb, repeatedly coming up empty. In this way, writing is like prospecting.

Who Are We Telling Our Story To?

February 5, 2012

Who do we think we're telling the story of ourselves to? Do other people live, as I do, with the vague sense that the story of my life is performed in front of a witness other than myself?

In my case, I wonder, is it some notion of God? Is it a residue structure from early childhood, when my mother knew all? A close friend of mine lost her husband, also a dear friend, just over a year ago and it seems clear among many other things, he was the one witnessing her life.

Belly Fat

October 28, 2011


On the way back from taking Henry to try and launch a golf career, I sit in the airplane and look out the window, my hand jammed under the belt line of my jeans.
Why is that belly fat always cold?
That belly was swimming in the salty, warm, turquoise ocean of the Florida Gulf Coast only hours ago. White sand, shells rolling in the gentle tidal motion, one strand of seaweed penetrating a modest one-piece.

Bizarre Evening with Doug Coupland at the Waldorf Hotel

June 20, 2011

My writer pal Aislinn Hunter and I attended an event on May 26 at the Waldorf in Vancouver, the recently yuppified (in the new, hip, retro way) old watering hole of the neon palm-tree sign on the only side of the railway tracks. The event was billed as: “Douglas Coupland—Marshall McLuhan—YouTube,” and since it offered both free admission and Doug Coupland, the line of beautiful, arty, nerdy older youth and middle-aged, smarty-pants hipsters extended well past the used-car lot and around the corner. About a third were turned away in the spitting rain with the promise of a second coming.

The Wire

October 22, 2009

Why are the drug gangsters and the characters from the projects hands down the most compelling in this series? One, because the stakes are higher. Though people go down in all the other ecological niches – police, the dockworkers union, politics, schools, newspapers – the percentage of deaths is miniscule compared to the projects. Two, and as a writer this is the most interesting, because of the language. The gangsters speak with the most immediacy, the most creativity, the quickest line from the mouth to the heart. Mos def.


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